Vision-Focused Planning™

We work with you to create and realize your vision of the future for you and your family. This is perhaps the most important thing to get right in your financial planning. But how do we create that vision?

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Vision-Focused Planning™ is our approach that serves as a starting point for where we want to go.  It’s a well-defined process of discussing client goals, concerns, and values so that clients can reflect and consider different possibilities and priorities. This diagram reflects the many things that influence your future and your finances.

Vision-Focused Planning™

Vision-Focused Planning™ is a structured way that helps us get to the bottom of your hopes and dreams while taking into account the many factors that influence both the goals and the journey. 

Vision-Focused Investing follows our Vision-Focused Planning™ to discuss savings, asset growth, retirement spending and withdrawal strategies, investment strategies, known upcoming cash needs, and cash reserves for unexpected needs and opportunities.

 The optimum advisor-client relationship comes from understanding how we can best serve our clients, and that only comes from a level of trust gained through us truly knowing our clients.